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Aug 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
hoping to drown the turd part out. >> all of this seems to dance around the fact that osama bin laden is dead. >> and destreet is alive. hoeth will be fine when robbo cop. >>ous your future history. >> good point. >> anyway, georgia, that is a state and not a chick i met at a truck stop. toll payments on highway 400 after drivers complained and the goff dpof asked for the change. that is confusing. authority kd put in a ban on drivers paying a toll for others. you think i will be nice and pay for that guy behind me. bill does it in bars. booth workers pocketed all $0.50 instead. they stopped banning it. it is an unusual story, terry, have you ever heard of that tradition. >> who doesn't have the easy pass. >> and georgia no offense? and they are, how dare you say that about georgia. >> who has change anymore? >> such an elitist. >> no one is going there. >> you sir, haven't been in savannah. >> it is amazing and the girls are nice and very pretty. >> and apparently it was quoit a tradition and you know, and what was happening, the people behind didn't realize they paid and then they p
Aug 18, 2013 11:00am EDT
network that gained notoriety for airing osama bin laden's anti-american videos after 9/11. the network's executives are well aware of its perception problem but they say that's going to disappear once you see their programming and they have been aggressively hiring high profile american journalists and opening bureaus in cities around the country. joining me to discuss the latest player in cable news here in washington, michael calderone, media reporter for the huffington post and edward fell 17 thaul, managing editor for welcome to you both. >> thanks. >> before we start, i should mention that al jazeera also accepted our invitation for both its interim ceo and its president of news to join us today, but then it cancelled. so moving on here, edward, let me start with you. there's so much competition now in cable news, including planned or already on the air networks from china, russia, univision with abc, fox just started a sports network. is there room for another news network? >> i think it's a great time to launch. just this week vice, which used to be a canadian
Aug 18, 2013 6:00pm EDT
terror to do our small part. i thought it was a bit ridiculous. but i blamed osama bin laden. i cursed him under my breath. i got on the plane and we headed to florida. one week later it was time to now do this in reverse. you know that i host a daily morning program here in philadelphia. what you may not know is that each of our homes are also wired for sound. and so when in florida for spring break it's a vacation for the family, but i'm loathe to be off the air. i have a studio in our place in florida and i remain on the air. there is a piece of electronic equipment that allows me to be on the air, a comrex matrix. if you didn't know what it was you would be puzzled by it. it's an electronic device that looks menacing. we had technical problems while i was in florida that week. and our engineer said, bring home the matrix. now in coming home from florida -- you see where this is going, i'm traveling with the cloth briefcase. i have read the book. i leave it in florida and inside now goes the comrex matrix. we arrive at the fort myers airport, check in curb side, there is a re
Aug 18, 2013 2:30pm EDT
to our liberties they nor match for government. this is osama bin laden's wildest dream, that the american people would do this to themselves. >> dianne feinstein claimed the nsa has prevented attacks. there's been no evidence that's the case, and tsa claims it stopped plots but there's been no evidence. and the one thing we do know historically is that the few would-be bombers and hijackers that have been stopped, have been stopped by fellow passengers. we can protect ourselves and we need to remember we have more power than we ever give ourselves credit for, and utilize it and we'll be far safer under that basis. so, one over there in then -- you can -- >> i'm particularly conflicted on this matter because i usually like to evaluate both sides of an issue and when i attend events like this, i usually hear one side of it, and i would really like to hear you poke holes in the other side and i'd like to use this opportunity ask you a very specific question. ... >> it would not be good security. if you tipoff the bad guys you won't find in that same way again. the hypothetical is --
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)